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Why Second Hand Clothes Should Be Your First Option.

... And Where to Find Them in Puerto Rico.

So a few days ago you might have seen some pictures of me wearing the most eccentric outfits along with designer shoes and bags. Maybe you wont believe me, but everything I'm wearing in these pictures are actually second hand pieces I found at the new local thrift store, ViceVersa.

ViceVersa is the new concept/thrift store located in the heart of Calle Loíza in Santurce, PR. It was founded by two of my friends' moms, Viviana and Carmen, who not only have a vision but also have great taste and impeccable style!

From high end furniture to luxury fashion labels, you'll find a great assortment of treasures any day. And that's the beauty of second hand shopping. You get amazing designer pieces (sometimes even with hangtags still on them) for the best price out there. Trust me, I found a pair of Chanel kitten heels that I would've never been able to afford otherwise.

Also, when we're buying used or second hand pieces, we are supporting an eco-friendly way to shop and boycotting these harsh manufacturing cycles.

Lastly, supporting local businesses is super important to me. Not only we're helping our economy but we're becoming more sustainable. So with that said, shop local and shop second hand clothes!

For my first outfit, I'm wearing a basic white tee under an Endless Rose corset, a second hand African skirt, YSL hand bag, and finally Frye cowgirl heels.

For the second look, I'm wearing this Vetiver jumpsuit and I LOVED it because it's so festive and so elegant.

Also wearing Clergerie heels and The Limited embellished bag while I'm posing in the middle of the street to get this amazing shot. (Thanks Franco and Jampi for stopping traffic for me!)

For this third outfit, I'm wearing an Elliatt boat neck top with Clover Canyon pants.

At first, we were all kind of hesitant to match these pants with such a feminine top, but it worked. The colors complemented each other perfectly even though both had very busy prints.

Finally, styled with a Jamin Puech bag and Sigerson Morrison heeled sandals.

For my last outfit, I'm wearing a jumpsuit from Apple Bottoms - my fave, believe it or not. This piece screamed "buy me!", which is so funny to me because I never thought I'd ever wear Apple Bottoms anything. But here I am. So, don't be surprised when you see me wearing it around NYC this Fall, possibly with a white tee underneath and cool booties... (but definitely not with the fur, though).

Lastly, styled with an original Burberry bag and vintage button earrings, which I'm obsessed with.

More About ViceVersa


Calle Loiza #1951 San Juan, Puerto Rico

Hours: 10:00 a.m. a 6:00 p.m. Phone: +1 (939)-399-3423

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