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Why I Wore Vintage To NYFW

And Where I Got It

There are so many reasons why I always try to go for vintage clothing over fast fashion. First, when you buy used or second hand pieces, you support an eco-friendly way to shop and boycott harsh manufacturing cycles. Second and most important, these pieces have a true/valuable meaning. As you all know, I grew up - and still spend most of my time - in my mother's closet, so naturally thrifting is how I truly find myself.

Since NYFW is all about showcasing your true style, I decided to go for something vintage, of course, and something LOCAL in efforts to support my favorite local business, ViceVersa, concept/thrift shop; and support my island.

For my first look I wore an oversized yellow printed jacket, a sequin midi skirt, and floral studded statement earrings from ViceVersa. I finished off the look with amazing rose gold metallic over the knee boots from Qupid (which I took my breath away when I saw them on their website) and a vintage mini monogram Louis Vuitton bag I got from, surprise surprise, my mom's closet.

For my second look I wore a brown corset-like top and matching trousers, layered underneath with a simple white turtleneck (also worn with my first outfit) from Zara and snakeskin boots from Zara as well. I accessorized it with a brown leather headband, vintage Dolce & Gabanna sunnies (I literally found these in the glove compartment of my mom's car), and maroon and gold statement earrings for a pop of color. Finished it off with a polished brown faux leather duster from Lulus.

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