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Why I DID NOT Promote Any Offers, Sales, or Discounts this November

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about saving money. If you’re able to find the bag of your dreams without braking the bank, then you go girl! I’m all for it. However, this season I decided to do things a bit differently and instead of going ham with all of these attainable sales and discounts, I opted for a more conscious and grateful method. Cause, after all, isn’t that what Thanks Giving is all about?

Instead of buying clothes for the sake of it, just because we can, I decided to be a conscious shopper. First, I organized my entire closet. Not only that’s a soothing thing to do, but it also gives you a sense of self awareness as you become more conscious about the things you currently own: you appreciate what you’ve worn a few times this year and you realize what styles you’ve rejected in the past months - which is not a bad thing, it probably just means your style has evolved and that’s ok.

Second, I took those pieces to a second hand shop. This way I’m not only helping small business but I’m also giving those items a second opportunity, one that many people will deem more beneficial.

Third and foremost, I shopped at socially conscious boutiques like Motif Concept Store, a local store that is currently donating a percentage of their sales to an organization called Women for Women (read more about their campaign HERE). And I opted for timeless stapes that I knew would fit in perfectly with my wardrobe and would wear regardless of the season or weather.

So that was my November shopping spree. Would love to know what you think about the importance of conscious shopping in the world we live in today.

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