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Retreat to Finca Victoria in Vieques

If you're a Puerto Rican, like me, then you are widely aware of the natural wonders around the island. Some of them are found in Vieques, a small island right of the coast of Puerto Rico (just a 50 minute ferry ride).

However, being born and raised in Puerto Rico didn't exempt me from visiting the island. The fact is I never took time to visit Vieques because I was always so distracted by the buzz in the Metropolitan Area. But ever since I came back to PR, a new kind of curiosity has been born in me...

A few months ago, after Finca Victoria's grand opening, I had an urge to visit this little island, Vieques. No idea what it looked like, how many people lived there or how far it was, I reached out to the new hotel and booked a stay for my boyfriend and myself.

(Also, I discovered this hotel because, Harold had already stayed at Dream Catcher, one of Sylvia's other hotels in San Juan, and he believed this one would have the same charm and vibe. So he suggested us staying there for a few nights.)

I booked the trip for us two, took the 8pm ferry, and as soon as I stepped foot on that piece of land, I felt a shift in my energy - the open green spaces, the sound of the crickets and coquis, and the blanket of stars in the sky were all purely mesmerizing and I completely felt at peace with myself. I no longer had the anxiety I had been feeling for the past few weeks.

(Lately, I've been becoming more and more anxious and if you suffer from anxiety like me, you know that there is no reason nor explanation for it to occur; sometimes it simply happens. So going to places like Finca Victoria, with wide open spaces, good energy, yoga practices and healthy foods, can end up being a good spiritual retreat.)

Next day, as I woke up with the beautiful glimmer that came in through the curtains and the sound of running water. I took a shower (open shower) and came down for breakfast to find the hotel looking equally beautiful during day time. Not to mention, impressively decorated. Sylvia's travels and knowledge about photography and composition, truly were seen in every single corner.

Breakfast was delicious and the pool was perfectly cool, dogs were running around the early birds doing yoga by the pool and surrounded by the greenery and the multitude of horses that lived in the island.

During breakfast I met two of the nicest girls, Cecilia and Ana. We decided to go beach hopping around the island. We rented a golf cart and we got to each beach and restaurant pretty easily as the hotel is perfectly located.

Next few days, we spent our time at the hotel chilling by the pool, doing yoga and resting. Very much needed after such hectic weeks and previous anxiety attacks...

I truly recommend this place for a magical time: yoga in the morning, beach during the day, and then bio bay at night.... how can it get better than this?

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