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When in Doubt, Go Monochromatic

Whenever I have a hard time getting dressed in the morning, my solution is to go as simple as possible. Wear the same color errthang. "Too matchy-matchy" is not something that exists in my vocabulary; I actually think it looks really chic if done right.

Usually I go for the pants and sweater ensemble, like a chunky grey sweater and grey culottes or a burgundy blouse and burgundy faux leather skinnies, but today I decided to play around with my forest green sweater dress from Zara I got last Fall '17 (similar here and here) and mix it with a few other green pieces from my closet.

I found my Camo Utility Jacket, which has a beautiful embroidered back detail, from Zara as well a few seasons ago, (similar here) and my faux fur green coat (the softest coat I've ever owned btw) from Nasty Gal (similar here). And you know what? I wore them both.

And they look pretty fantastic mixed together. I love layering jackets over more jackets. It's so unexpected and, to me, it adds a level of completeness.

The first time I saw this trend was during NYFW and immediately ideas were flying.

The entire outfit looked amazing but one more thing was needed to brake up the greens and give it a more casual feel. Sneakers. I didn't hesitate and went for my white chunky sneakers I got at Zara from this Spring collection. Currently these are my favorite shoes, which is totally unexpected from me because I have NEVER, and I repeat, NEVER been a sneaker girl. But these are something else.

Funny story, as soon as I saw them online I searched for the nearest store so I could try them on. For weeks they weren't available at any story. One Saturday morning, I was late for my 90's Babe Spin Class and since I knew it was a hard chance they'd let me in, I decided to waste time by going to Zara (sounds familiar?) I saw a few that were ok, they were similar, but not what I was looking for.

"Can I help you, miss?" I hear from behind and I say, "Yes, actually. I'm looking for these." I pull up my phone and show her my screen shot. She looks at me and says "So these haven't arrived to the stores yet. But I think we have one pair in the back and I'll have to check the size." Music to my ears. With my fingers crossed, I send her to the back to find out whether these babies were mine.

Five minutes later, she comes back with these beautiful white pair of chunky sneakers that look like beautiful marshmallows and she says "They are size 7." OMG! YAS! I shout, "I am a size 7!!!!!!"

Please pause here to imagine my face and happy dance.

So I got them. And I am obsessed with them. And I wear them as much as I can because they are soooo comfy.

Finally, I wore my round gold statement earrings (my go to) because they add that slight feminine touch I was looking for. They're my favorite because they go so well with every outfit and can easily transition from casual to night out (similar here and here).

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