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What It Means To Be "Earth-Friendly"

Many of you know by know that sustainability is a conversation that is becoming louder and louder across all industries, especially in the fashion world. Yet somehow, there are the "Reformation's" of the world who contradict themselves with their actions by producing an organic and eco-friendly product yet treat their workers irresponsibly and unfairly.

What ends up happening is that brands like these, who create noise around "sustainability", end up losing the consumer's trust. And for every big or small brand out there, isn't the goal to guide the consumer towards a better, productive, and earth-friendly lifestyle?

The reason I chose to say "earth-friendly" is because at the end of the day we all belong to the same earth, we are all part of this one big massive thing - and in order to keep it, to protect it; we must first work together and protect one another. What does this mean? It means that we, not just as brands but as citizens, have a responsibility to protect all: animals, natural resources, and humans (of all colors, shapes, and ethnicities, social ranking, etc.)

Being sustainable is not limited to the manufacture and production of organic, reused, and recycled goods. Being sustainable doesn't mean recreating the wheel or coming up with the latest invention that will save the world. Being sustainable is simply a practice that allows us as businesses and/or citizens to become aware of the impact that every decision has on the living things around us. From the products, what we buy for our skincare routine, or household, or the pieces we buy for our wardrobe, where they are created and where they end up, are all factors we need to keep in mind if we really choose to live in harmony with the rest of the world.

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