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Weekend Getaway Outfits from Lace Boutique

I don't know about you, but I'm a light traveler. Usually because I know exactly what I want to wear and how to mix it up to avoid repeating outfits.

However, for some reason, packing for a "one-weekend getaway" is always harder than packing for a longer trip. I guess because I have to pick limited amount of styles.

So on these moments of uncertainty, I go to one of my favorite online stores, Lace Boutique where you can find beautiful, contemporary, and timeless resort or ready-to-wear pieces.

This mini emerald tie front dress is the cutest thing I've worn this Summer. Goes perfect with sandals or white sneakers and a straw bag.

When I saw the sunset knitted set, I almost died and resurrected, lol! If you know me, you know that I always go for blushes, nudes and tonal colors. So this knitted just spoke to me in so many ways.

I wore it this weekend with a cool metallic bag and rose gold Birkenstocks. But if I were to go on a girls night out, I'd probably wear this set again with nice nude wedges and a cool denim jacket.

Fave Summer Styles from Lace Boutique

Amalia Jumpsuit

Olivia Red Midi Dress

Stripe Overall Jumpsuit

A-Line Midi Skirt

Vacation Set

Polka Dot Tie Top

Use the code BARBIE10 on your favorite styles from Lace Boutique and get 10% off!

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