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My Top 10 Favorite Spots In Tulum

As promised, here's our complete must-sisit list from our trip to Tulum. To make things easier and more practical for your upcoming trip, we decided to create a Google Map List. Just click HERE to access our Google Map list and hit the "Follow" button to instantly get access to our updated travel guide.

I've also included some of my top 10 favorite places in Tulum below:

1) Cenote Suytun

This place is 10/10 surreal. Once you dive into the water, you are immediately taken over by this powerful, unexplainable energy. It was the first Cenote I visited and most definitely my favorite.

2) Las Palmas Public Beach

Coming from a girl who lives on a tropical island, when I say this was the most stunning beach I've ever seen, you better believe it. I couldn't tell when the ocean stopped and the sky started - it was crystal clear, gentle, and the perfect shade of blue. The sand was equally soft and the water was shallow, it was a dream.

3) Taquería Honorio

Best tacos I had in Tulum. It was recommended by everyone and their mother and it honestly lived up to the hype.

4) Koki Tulum

A cute shop to buy artisanal crafts, pottery, bags, hats, and accessories. I bought the two cutest clay vases, a straw hat and a straw backpack for my bike rides.

5) Helados Buena Estrella

Buena Estrella is the cutest little truck that sells the best vegan ice cream. We stopped during our bike rides and it was the perfect recharge and reboot during the insanely hot days.

6) Gitano

Some of you may have visited Gitano in the heart of Soho in NYC. Gitano Tulum is actually the original restaurant. The vibe screams Tulum, the ambiance is amazing, the cocktails are incredible and the food is to die for - highly recommend the queso fundido.

7) Gran Cenote

Gran Cenote is truly beautiful. Harold and I have the funniest story actually - while we were swimming, he got bitten by a small turtle and it kept following him around. It's the most joyful memory I have from the trip and the purest one too - to realize you were truly in touch with mother nature's masterpiece and its little creatures - and yes, that included many many fish and bats.

8) Burrito Amor

By far the best burritos I had in Mexico. Service and ambiance are super cool also!

9) Matcha Mama

Matcha Mama is the cutest little café with indoor patio. It's the perfect spot to work remotely and chill.

10) Zokalma Glamping

Zokalma Glamping was the coolest and wildest experience we had in Tulum. We spent our last night in Tulum here and we would have loved staying longer. The eco-consious and sustainable tree house is hidden in the middle of the jungle. It is super cozy and super romantic, plus it includes the cutest breakfast you will experience in your lifetime.

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