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How To Be This Wedding Season's Best Dressed Guest

Dressing it down because "you don't want to steal the bride's spot light" is a complete myth. Let's face it, the bride is always going to be the center of attention, so why are we still holding ourselves back from wearing whatever we want to wear to this awaited occasion?

In an era where "This Season's Best Dressed" goes beyond the red carpet and onto the wedding asile, and the wedding invitation list is far hotter than Hollywoods' A-list, wearing something worth remembering is the key to success here. How do you accomplish this, you may ask?

Well, if I'm being honest, the answer is quite "timeless". Since weddings are taking place in ballrooms, beaches, gardens, farms, you name it... and more often than not, we're searching for affordable yet "versatile" dresses, we forget that it's not merely about buying or renting the gown anymore. It's how you accessorize it to make it unique.

Recently, I discovered a jewelry designer, Eva Guadalupe, who specializes in beautiful pieces for the bride-to-be. However, I am not a bride or will I be one any time soon, but that didn't stop me from wearing a few of her pieces to a wedding I was attending a few weeks ago as a bridesmaid.

I wore two of her beautiful gold embellished barrettes and giant pearl earrings, and I must say, I felt beautiful. And that brings me to my point, whether you're on the bride squad or not, I believe that every woman should be able to look back at this occasion with pride and joy because they wore something they loved and was worth remembering.

So, with this blog post, I intend to show you how to wear your favorite Eva Guadalupe pieces. From show-stopping crowns to head-turning earrings, this guide will help you be this Wedding Season's Best Dressed Guest.

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Would You Be My Bridesmaid?

If you're the non-traditional type of bride who has no problem having their girl squad picking out their bridesmaid dresses (of course while staying inside the established color palette), then here are some style suggestions you can offer...

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Rehearsal Dinner

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I Do

As a firm believer that weddings are a mere celebration of the love and commitment between two people, sometimes a simple ceremony is often all you need to commemorate the occasion. Not that I have anything against the lavish weddings, I love those, so much fun. But personally, I'd rather get married in an intimate setting with close friends and family, and save all the money for richer experiences, like traveling. So here are a few beautiful on-budget gown suggestions for the free spirit bride and some ways to elevate the look with a stunning crown.

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I hope this guide helps you for your next wedding extravaganza!



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