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Scents and Oils for the Body and Soul

"All I want to do tonight is light a candle and relax" was my thought last Monday after I had a long day at the office. Little did I know a surprise spa session was waiting for me that evening.

As soon as I got home and started settling down, I discovered a new candle was added to my collection; Neom Scent To De-Stress, a gift from Gabi. First thing I noticed was the incredible aroma. Wow! Second thing I noticed was it's particular design. The candle was the shape of a beaker with a delicate gold drop that ran down its tip... hint, hint.

The candle happened to be formulated with natural and essential oils that were not only meant to be smelled, but poured on the skin. I was hooked and had to try it immediately.

While I took a shower, I let the candle burn for 20 minutes to create a pool of precious oil. The wonderful fragrance had a deeply calming effect on my mind and body.

I blew out the flame and after 2 minutes, I drizzled a couple drops on my hand and massaged my body with its rich cocoa butter, almond oil, moisturizing soybean oil and calming essential oils including:



Brazilian Rosewood

Not only the candle is expertly blended to calm and banish stress, but some of its essential oils like Lavender are great for moisturizing and preventing breakouts. I love applying just a bit with my night cream to deeply nourish my skin, specially during the colder nights.

You can only imagine how amazing my skin and my room smelled that night. It was a true therapeutic experience that relieved all my stress, aided my sleep, lifted my spirits, and definitely made me feel good.

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