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Puerto Rico, Back to My Roots

Going back to Puerto Rico, the island I call home, felt a bit different this time around. I came with the heart of a local but with the mind of a tourist who's seeking new adventures, painteresque sceneries, and good food.

And so I did. I spent three weeks there - what I originally thought would be too much, turned out to not be enough for this island girl. The road trips, the beaches, the good food, the salsa dancing, that's all part of my roots. That's home. But what made this trip a bit more special were the trending hot spots and new local businesses.


1. Dospalillos, Calle Loiza - Chill, outdoor, hip restaurant

2. Musa, Santurece - Awesome boozy brunch party!

3. Stuffed Avocado Shop, San Juan - Yummm!

4. Bistro Café, Isla Verde - Creative cuisines. I mean hello, glitter on my coffee.

* Oldie but goodie:

Tinto y Blanco, Guaynabo

Pirilos, Viejo San Juan

Night Life:

1. Santos Rooftop, Santurce - Great for after hours and deep house.

2. El Watusi, Santurce - No comments. Just fun!

3. El Nie Bar, Santurce - Hipster hangout spot. It's divided in different sections to enjoy different musics and vibes.

4. Murphy's Law, Santurce - Irish pubs aren't usually my scene but it was happening!

* Oldie but always goodie:

De la Vida, La Placita

La Factoría, Old San Juan


(No description necessary for these, just take a look at them yourself)

1. Playa Sucia - Cabo Rojo

2. Puente de Piedra - Cabo Rojo

3. Finca de Girasoles - Guánica

4. Manantial de las Mariposas - Manatí

* Oldie but goodie:

Cayo Icacos



1. ViceVersa Concept Store, Calle Loiza - This is, from now on, my favorite thrift shop in the entire planet!

2. Uva App -Puerto Rico's Food Delivery Service

3. Marimu - Local inspired kaftans and kimonos

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