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"Rent" or "Buy" Clothes?

As a fashion blogger living in New York, researching trends, scrolling through Instagram to find new brands, and simply devouring all things fashion, is how I usually spend most of my time. I'm always on the hunt for the latest trends that represent my style and, of course, always looking for the best deal.

Now a days, fashion is very accessible. Not only what used to be exclusive is now found in stores like H&M and Zara, but now you can even RENT these expensive brands at half of the price - which is a total game changer!!!

So, now that we know there are different alternatives to access this world, the real issue is "when" When should we decide to actually invest on a style or rent it? Fair question.

Luckily for you I've tried everything, the renting and the "investing". Now here's my take on the Pros and Cons for each and I'll let you decide what works best for you...

Fashion Blogger Barbie Brignoni wearing a denim overalls, white tee, tan mules and a head scarf. Standing in front of a theater in the Lower East Side, NYC.

Buying Clothes


- Instant gratification

Say you need a dress for tonight's date; the best feeling in the world is finding the perfect outfit just hours before.

- Investing in Must-have pieces

A good blazer for example, basic tees, your go-to skinny jeans, a little black dress... these are all timeless pieces and wardrobe essentials that every girl must own.

- Brand/Style Breath

Of course, when you're going shopping the world is your oyster. There are infinite brands and styles to chose from.

- Pride in Your Style

There's always a bit of pride when you find exactly what you were looking for, especially when you find pieces that truly represent your style.

- Tailor To Your Size


- Investing in Trends

Knowing how some trends go out of style the next season, it's really not the best alternative to be investing in them. I usually prefer to buy less expensive trendy pieces (Forever 21 and Necessary Clothing are great places to shop for the trendy stuff)

- Seasonal Liability

Similar to investing in trends, winter coats and scarves, tropical prints, etc.... anything worn for just one particular season is sometimes a liability considering that you'll only wear it for a few months and chances are you'll probably want to buy something different next year.

Fashion Blogger Barbie Brignoni wearing a peplum gingham blouse with tied sleeves, a distressed denim skirt, and black mules in front of Dirty French, cocktail lounge in NYC.

Renting Clothes


- Outfit-Repeater Police

If you're a girl who fears being outfit shamed and will never get caught wearing the same outfit twice, then this might just be the perfect alternative for you.

- Wearing Something New Every Day

For me it's so exciting to wake knowing I get to wear something new to work. Imagine feeling that excitement every morning!!

- No Commitment

You don't need to invest on expensive pieces like a gown for instance. If you have a Rent The Runway Unlimited Subscription, you could easily rent up to 4 gowns if you wanted to for the price of $170 (the monthly subscription cost). I know, amazing right?

- Testing the Waters

If you have a rental subscription service is fun to test new brands, try their fits and sizes, which helps you decide if you like the brand or not before even committing to them.


- Limited Options

What I don't like about services like these is the limited options available. Usually I go on the website, have so much trouble finding something that I truly see myself in that I end up not renting anything at all.

- Waiting For Your Rentals to Arrive

Waiting for your rentals to arrive and then not coming at all because of a delay might be one of the most stressful moments ever, especially when you're on a tight schedule or you're depending on those garments for your upcoming trip (and your flight leaves in the AM). It's just too much planning in my opinion and that sucks.

Fashion Blogger Barbie Brignoni wearing denim overalls and sitting outside in a Café in the Lower East Side

So with that being said, are you the rental kind of girl or do you prefer making the investment? Comment below your thoughts, concerns, and any experiences that you might have had. Can't wait to read them!

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