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New Season, New Look

A few of you have probably already heard the news, my podcast, BARBIE IRL, just got a whole new makeover with the launch of our new season coming in April. Why? Well, many things are changing. For starters, when we launched Barbie IRL, our mission was to educate our communities about what it was really like to be a blogger/influencer and how relationships with brands are made - we talked with designers on occasions about their trajectories and initiatives, but we were leaving out the most important part. OUR IMPACT… and I mean our impact not just socially, but ecologically.

When I started my Masters's Degree in Escuela Superior de Diseño de Barcelona, I began learning about the impact bloggers and fast fashion brands have on our planet by promoting overconsumption. I started seeing my role as an influencer differently and I knew I could no longer stand by and hope for change; I knew I had to take action and start educating my community in order to see a change in the world.

That is why, BARBIE IRL is focused now on educating and empowering more men and women to join the sustainable movement by being conscious consumers, which essentially means, buying less quantity and more quality products, buying second hand and vintage, think about who is making our garments, consider the raw materials being used, and just live more consciously.

You can still find all previous seasons on our website (head over to the Podcast Tab), on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and even watch them on YouTube. I highly recommend you get familiar with our chats and come prepared and ready to learn for our new launch in April!

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