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My Updated Parisienne Inspired Bedroom

After months of hard work, I can finally say it. Welcome to my humble abode. A wide-open, crisp-white, serene, and romantic, Parisienne inspired bedroom is the perfect place to be during this global pandemic. But it couldn't have come to life without the help of an interior design expert and founder of Tropín Casa, Patricia Rosado. She was able to see beyond the dingy dated mess it was before and understand what Harold and I wanted and needed.

First, she helped define our style, which as you can tell is very romantic and vintage-inspired - enter the Paris vibes. So we decided for neutrals, accents of gold, and of course, wall trimming.

(We also added a blue Turkish rug that could tell a story with our repurposed blue dresser. The mix makes the space feel unexpected and a bit eclectic, which I thought was cool and very me!)

Patricia also knew how Fast fashion was one of the worst offenders when it came to climate change and workers' rights, so having a high-quality, ethical, durable products (and potentially organic) was imperative. She knew how important it was to be able to capture my values and sustainable lifestyle in this space. This is why she helped pick out fair-trade organic curtains and bedsheets, and I am totally obsessed.

Finally, we chose to paint/reuse the existing furniture and only buy second-hand items if needed (in this case, the emerald green velvet chair for my vanity).

After several weeks of hard work, we not only transformed a space in an aesthetic and functional way, but we also curated a room with elements that represented our values and our lifestyle.

The end result is a Parisian dream in the heart of Puerto Rico for these crazy lovers (Harold and I <3) and we are so in love with it!

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