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My Trip To Tulum

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Traveling to Tulum During a Pandemic

Since I got back from Mexico, I've received a flux of messages from many of you asking if traveling during a Pandemic was stressful and was the trip worth the risk. But the answer always seems to follow up with another question: if we aren't willing to live passionate, radical, restless lives that are worth remembering, then why are living?

If we aren't willing to live passionate, radical, restless lives that worth remembering, then why are living?

And while I appreciate the sentiment and I empathize with the worry and fear caused by these uncertain times, I must also encourage a sense of hope and faith in the good things ahead.

Our lives had been disrupted and sidetracked far too long, and it is us, ultimately, who decide if we hit pause or resume our journey in life. I've come to understand that life as we know it is long gone and now it's time to welcome new beginnings (it may take some getting used to).

In order to grow, we must adapt. In order to reach our destination, we must sometimes redirect our path - in this case, my destination was Mexico, the place I would rediscover self-love.

I encourage you today to make plans, to get back on board on this journey called life, and to not waste a single second of it anymore. Life is built on these magical experiences and serendipitous encounters. Risk it, enjoy it!



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