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My Take on Blazers This Fall

A blazer is always a timeless piece. Whether you live in NYC or in a tropical island, a blazer this Fall will be your go-to item. Once you layer it over jeans or skirts, a sharp jacket can make any outfit feel a little more polished.

Just pay close attention to fabric and details and you'll get it right. For example, you don't want to be too hot wearing a blazer in the tropics, so linen might be your best bet.

When I visited Puerto Rico a few weeks ago, I probably wore my mom's vintage linen blazer every day - paired it with jeans and a tee one day for running errands and going to meetings, and a cute top and skort another for a more sexy, day to night look.

Although I wore sandals and a revealing blouse for this look, the color selection was very Fall oriented and seasonally appropriate. Also, pairing it with a fury bag gave it a cozy essence that reminds us of the fur elements worn in the colder seasons.

Now, when you're in NYC, where you can experience the real Autumn weather, you might want to go for a heavy weight, work wear blazer. For me, picking up a blazer for a day of errands seems like the obvious thing to do if I plan to look cute.

For this look, I mixed it up by pairing a checkered blazer with a white turtleneck, denim shorts and knee length boots.

Surprise, surprise, I got this blazer from my mom's closet (like every other staple I own). This checkered blazer being a bit heavier in weight and details with like the buttons and shoulder pads, made the entire outfit feel more polished; which was a perfect look for a few meetings I had that day.

I truly love combining classic/timeless staples with casual pieces. So to further inspire you guys with blazer outfit ideas, I've picked a few of my favorite and affordable ones from this season for those looking to up their wardrobe.

My Favorite Blazers

1. Straight Cut Jacket in Cream/Black

2. Check Double-breasted Blazer Camel/Grey

3. Patterned Jacket

4. Check Double-breasted blazer Brown

5. Corduroy Blazer

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