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My Favorite Looks From My Tulum Trip

For this trip, I decided to pack light and only go with the essentials. Two few maxi-dresses, two jumpsuits, comfortable loungewear (for airport and chill bike rides), and a swimsuit. That's it. The fun part was actually color coordinating each piece. My color palette inspiration was the beautiful golden sunrises and the dreamy pink and blue sunsets.

Comfy Airport Chic

For the airport, I decided to go comfy chic with ribbed joggers and a matching long sleeve crop top from the Camila Coelho Collection. Normally, I get super cold during the flight so I brought my Song of Style trench coat with me, which added a level of chic. And of course a pair of white sneakers from Saye for the complete comfy airport look.

Vintage 80's Givenchy Pants

I found these Vintage 80s Givenchy Plaid Bermuda Shorts online at Hola Aida, one of my top favorite vintage and independent designer boutiques. She owns one of the chicest and timeless assortments and I normally find great quality pieces for a good price. When I stumbled upon this magnificent piece, I immediately added it to my cart and secretly hoped to find one more treasure to bring on my trip... and I did. I found another amazing 90s Dead Stock Peacock Green Linen Shorts which I then wore in CDMX.

The Plaid Givenchy Shorts were giving me serious Carrie Bradshaw vibes so I, of course, asked myself "What Would Carrie Wear?" and decided to go with a tiny bra-like top (yellow of course).

Beige by the Beach

When Harold and I thought about renting bikes in Tulum, I immediately envisioned myself in cute biker shorts. I wanted something in a sand-color. Bingo! I found this beautiful ribbed bustier top and biker shorts online at Runaway the Label.

Golden Hour Goddess Dress

I remember ordering this dream dress a while back for a wedding that never happened due to Covid-19. Luckily, I found a better use for it - vacation in Tulum. The stunning gold fabric and the hand-woven detail on the bottom have luxe resort written all over it. It's from the Camilo Coelho Collection for a few seasons ago.

From Dawn to Dusk Dress

Finally, one of my favorite pieces from this trip is this beautiful Privacy Please tie-dye slip dress. When I first saw this dress, I immediately thought of pink and blue skies, magic under the stars in Paradise. It really gave me all vibes for a mystical night in Tulum.

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