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My Favorite Looks for Fall in NYC

A quick visit to NYC is never a bad idea, specially during Fall. Honestly, Fall in the city has to be one of the most magical things I've ever witnessed: trees in Central Park start turning orange, leaves are falling everywhere, Starbucks starts offering their pumpkin spice lattes again, people are pulling out their good looking jackets from under the bed and I finally can get to wear my favorite knee high boots again!

The only downside to Fall is the constant changing weather, also known as "flu season". But luckily I finally got it down! The trick to dressing appropriately for such an inconsistent time of the year is to "dress light & and layer it right". For example, a cute short sleeve mini dress with boots is my go-to option for this weather; it's usually the comfiest, easiest and also the cutest option.

Usually mornings is when the day feels the chilliest, so I wear my light faux leather duster over my mini dress (considering faux leather is not heavy at all, it makes it easy to carry around if it gets hotter throughout the day).

dress right and layer it right

So here below are some of my favorite mini dresses and layering pieces to wear during Fall in the city, check them out and comment below what you think!



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