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How to Completely Change Your Mindset in 2020

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I heard once that to actually be successful you have to “think of your dream self and start showing up as that.” This month, I’ve decided to do just that and even though the year just started, I already feel happier, healthier mentally and spiritually, and fulfilled.

So I thought I’d write down for you guys exactly what I’ve been doing differently to help you feel confident about the future. Here is my guide to completely change your mindset in 2020 and become happier, healthier, and fulfilled.

Evaluate Your Environment

Today, I was listening to Ed Mylett’s podcast (which is my all time favorite podcast show). He is a motivational speaker, coach, and millionaire who has officially become my life mentor. In his episode (link here), he says that the most influential factor that determines your mindset and outcome, is the people you are surrounded by on a daily basis. So with that said, ask yourself “Do I have a friend who…?

  1. Is constantly talking about the past: If you have a friend that always goes “remember when”, who is always reminiscing and constantly bringing up your past, then ask yourself “does this person support my views for the future or does this person only support my past?, “does this person understand who I want to become or is he or she simply satisfied with what has been so far?”. If you do, try to limit your time with this person and rather invest in people who are present, but mostly who have an appetite for the future.

  2. Keeps you to a standard: Think about the people you clean your house for before they come over. Think about the people you get excited to see or talk to. Those probably are the people who believe so much in you that even hold high standards for yourself. Stick to those!

  3. Who’s an energy sucker: This one is simple. If you have that friend that you simply dread picking up the phone when they call, then evaluate why and perhaps reduce your time around him or her. Those people are draining your energy… and girl, you need to invest that energy properly!

To summarize, do a friend cleanse and reconsider how you want your environment to be like moving forward. Surround yourself with people that bring out the better version of yourself and you’ll see how your conversations and ideas gain more value.

Be Open About Meeting New People

Ok. So before you decide to start cutting all of your friends out of your life and going on a anti-social “me against the world” spiral, I want to remind you that you can’t go through life alone. Yes, a friend cleanse is very much needed for a better and healthier mindset, but please remember to allow yourself to engage with new souls and become inspired by what they do. Stop being so judgy and start being more cordial, you might be surprised along the way.

Set Goals

Believe it or not, people with written goals are 42% more likely to achieve them than people without written goals. I didn’t make this up, I read it somewhere on my Goal Digger Planner so it’s true. As of that moment, I’ve been committed to my schedules, following through and taking immediate action when I don’t.

Seriously, making plans and setting expectations make all the difference in the world. It gives you direction and a clear vision of what your future will be like. Trust me, you don’t want to live in uncertainty or “see how it goes” again, so write them down!

“Goals. There’s no telling what you can do when you get inspired by them. There’s no telling what you can do when you believe in them and there’s no telling what will happen when you act upon them.” - Jim Rohn

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