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From Sleeping to Sipping Cocktails | How to Style a Silk Pajama Set

I recently found this little number at my soon-to-be favorite local store Suite No. 9 (it hasn't opened to the public yet but it will soon) owned by my friend Valeria Del Rey (also founder of La Gotta Swimwear). I came by one day to see how the store was going and of course, I couldn't resist so I took a peek inside the boxes of clothes she'd be selling at her beautiful, Santorini inspired boutique. Every single piece was a beautiful, drool-worthy statement (and if you know Valeria and her impecable taste, you know what I'm talking about) but there was one specific piece that caught my eye... a light blue printed silk-y pajama set, which I immediately knew, was meant for so much more than sleeping. This pretty little number had my name written all over it, flamboyant/tropical prints yet effortlessly chic and timeless. So I slipped into my silky set, put on my white vintage kitten heels and walked out feeling like total boss girl to get myself some margaritas.

So how I style my pajama set is very simple, I let the outfit do the talking and just pair it with some statement earrings, like these black shell earrings I found at Mango, along with black or white mules, and to top it all off, a bit of confidence.

What do you think? Would you ever take this little number out for a spin? And if you would, I'd love to know how you'd style it. Share your ideas in the comments below!



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