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Escape to Encantada, Vieques

If you've been following me for a while, then you've notice that my boyfriend and I have been obsessed lately with going to Vieques for 3-4 days or so, to literally disconnect from our phones and connect with our creative spirit. Not only this little routine has been very effective and productive for us, but it also feels like you're traveling to somewhere unknown (maybe because of its mystical vibe) when it's really like 2 hours away from San Juan.

So anyway, when Summer arrived, I knew I wanted to have a fun weekend escape with friends and show them what the fuzz was all about. Of course, for this to happen we needed two things. For our schedules to sync (as freelancers that means no Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm, so our schedules are all over the place) and of course, a place to stay. I had my eye out on this fabulous villa located in the Esperanza Beach, and luckily when I proposed the possibility of staying at this fabulous 6-room villa with private out door showers all overlooking the beach, plus a giant infinity pool, all schedules cleared up and the commitment was made.

photos by: Frances Marie

A little bit about Encantada, Vieques. It is a completely open air, exposed concrete, eco-luxury villa that combines indoor and outdoor spaces seamlessly, giving you the true feeling of being in paradise. The house has an enormous kitchen that opens up into the most comfortable living and dining room area, which is perfect for entertaining and spending quality time with all your friends.

And if that's not enough, wait still you wake up to the sound of horses running by the beach while waves are crashing on the shore. At night, you can appreciate the beautiful bright sky and spot all the constellations, which honestly adds to the magic of being in a "secluded" island.

The house was so perfect, there was absolutely no reason to ever leave. Except if you wanted to go to the Bio Bay, which we did in this case and it was surely another magical experience. (Right now the Bio Bay in Vieques is the brightest in the world. As we kayaked around the bay, every stroke created a path of glitter. It was unbelievable.)

To summarize our stay, it was the perfect weekend for us freelancers/content creators to relax, recharge and come together to create some beautiful content, which doesn't happen that often. Here are some photos taken:

By Frances Marie

By Milton Rivera

By Jonathan Melendez

By Nathasha Bonet

by Dani Vassallo

It definitely was a weekend to remember. Most times, as Content Creators we get caught up in this silent competition (who gets the most engagement or brand deals) and we forget how powerful we can be if we support and learn from each other. That's why these few days were so special and I am quite sure, Encantada's magic had everything to do with it.



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