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Once upon a Brunch, I Wore White

...The end.

Just kidding. I can actually go on for hours talking about how much I love wearing all-white ensembles during Summer. It just feels like a breath of fresh air. Literally, because when it's 30 degrees in the middle of April and you have to walk 5 blocks to the nearest laundromat, trust me, nothing will ever be "fresh" anymore, lol.

But finally, it's Summer, the sun is out, and I am enjoying it the best way I know how. Brunch!

For my first all-white look, I wore my vintage inspired jumpsuit I got from Storets. (This might be my favorite piece in my closet at the moment) I wore it with a belt from Zara and my new pair of mustard mules I bought at Target for that pop of color.

For my second white ensemble, I wore this puffy sleeve blouse (which I love, specially the nice cleavage) from Zara (similar styles here and here) and paired it with my white denim culottes with released hem I got at H&M and my black mules from Target.

For my third Summer White Outfit, I wore my pin dot white blouse from Zara with the cutest skort from Zara as well. And this is where I need to stop for a moment and tell you, this Summer is all about the texture: pin-dot, macramé, crochet,etc. So, if you still don't have something of this sort in your closet, I suggest you put your phone down and make your way to the stores right now ;)

Finally, paired it with chic white kitten heels from Target. (Yes, I know, Target has a very cute shoe assortment) And mixed it up with my new Abbie & Emmie clutch.

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