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A True Golden Girl | Building A Community Through Fashion

It's so important to me to stay connected to my roots and embrace my history. As a blogger, I love being able to inspire just that in other women around the world through the pieces I choose to wear.

Recently, I was chosen to represent the A.Au brand and become a "Golden Girl" in efforts to build a community that strives to empower women globally.

Shop A.Au aims to strengthen women to embrace their history, stay connected to their roots, and continue to push the narrative of their legacy.

For each piece sold, 10% of profits made will go to a group of young women of the Dighriga, Otapha community in Nigeria.

During each year, Shop A.Au will focus on a cause within this community. This year’s cause is centered around building windows at the school’s facility to bolster the student’s learning environment. We will also host a book drive that allows us to collect books and build a small library for the school.

Our long term goal is to build an education bursary for the youth, as the shop continues to grow. We hope to offer scholarships to 5 young girls of each graduating class at the community secondary school at Otapha as well as build the infrastructure in the city of Port-Harcourt where these young women will be housed, in order to provide the opportunity for higher learning.

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