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A Tip About Sharing The Spotlight

When you start your career as a blogger, people tell you it's a competitive field, yes. But nobody really tells you how mean it can be. So I've learned that to succeed you have to toughen your skin but most importantly, MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

During my days as a Manhattan blogger, I quickly made blogger friends and blogger frenemies in the industry, not going to lie. But I must admit, those who actually showed up and proved to be good friends, are the kind that you'll keep for the long run. These girls truly understand the struggle and they appreciate quality and honesty when they see it. Andreina, for example.. you guys know her... when I'm struggling to pay rent, for example, she'll be sure to get me a campaign deal - never would she want to keep the spotlight for herself. This mentality is inspiring, it's lifechanging and it's is what I want to instill in other girls around the globe.

Unfortunately, I've found that in PR since the industry is so mall, people seem to feel that there is not enough space for everyone which is such a wrong misconception. I've learned in the past few years that the only way to grow is by collaborating with other people who are doing what I'm doing, sharing advice and sharing the knowledge. Together we are stronger, why? Because if I share my knowledge with people who are starting out, then they are able to get paid for the value of their work and not less. Consequently, I can also get paid for my worth and my hard work. In other words, we make a stronger and smarter industry if we work together to build one.

What do you think about sharing your knowledge and collaborating with others? Have you experienced this before where you're from?

Share your thoughts below! I'd love to learn more about ways to make our industry smarter and stronger!



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