A Plaid Progression
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A Plaid Progression

Who ever said plaid was a done deal this year, was so wrong.

You might be thinking "plaid is so old-school". Yeah, if worn wrong, you can definitely look dated. However, this year we saw a different take on plaid all over the streets during Fashion Month. It was cool, it was sophisticated, and I am currently loving the trend.

Everything from blazers to trousers and even skirts, if worn right, you can look tres chic.

My Favorite Plaid Pieces

1. Nikita Plaid Skirt

Similar Plaid Ruffle Skirt (Mini)

Similar Plaid Knee Length Faux Wrap Skirt

2. Plaid Short Coat

3. & 4. Double Breasted Tartan Jacket and Skirt Set

5. Pink Ruffle Tartan Mini Skirt

Similar Pink Plaid Mini Skirt

6. Skinny Plaid Pant

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