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A Fashion Love Story (American fashion podcast)

Updated: Mar 5

Conscious Shopping & Styling

When we find a item we personally like, how many times do we think about the pieces we own that would complement this item? How many of us buy it regardless?

That's how this love story begins. Walking into my mother's closet when I was a child always felt like walking into a dream. So naturally I have always had that love for vintage clothing and vintage inspired clothing.

But now a days, this feeling as evolved into something more. It's a conscious decision made out of not just love for fashion, but love for our planet.

"American fashion podcast"

A second ago, I asked you a few questions. Now another: How many times do we think about what actually happens to those unwanted, unused pieces?

I'll tell you. The average human uses the same item a maximum of 8 times and then throws it out. Last year, Burberry burned $32million worth of unwanted fabric. The Fashion Industry alone went through as much water as a million olympic pools. Every day, fast fashion is polluting our environment more and more and we are letting it.

We sometimes think of the planet as such a far away concept and maybe the idea of it disappearing as an even further one. But it's actually the reality we're currently living.

So that's why it's so important not only to consciously shop but to consciously style your clothes as well. First thing you have to do is to determine what is your particular style. I tend to go for a cute dress, statement pieces to complement, gold chain jewelry, and vintage designer heels and bag. I call my look "retro romantic" and I shop and style accordingly.