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Having a Community is Key to Success 

Ft. Chelsea Henriquez

Barbie IRL Ep. 18

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Barbie IRL

In this episode, we got to connect with Blogger and Content creator Chelsea Henriquez, also known as @chelseaasoflate on Instagram.


Chelsea opens up about her early start as a content creator,  how she gave up her 9-5 job to pursue her dream, and even how she’s been able to land amazing opportunities and travel with brands to places like Peru and the UK. She takes us on a journey of planning and preparation towards success in the Content Creation Bizz. 


1. 11:43 A great way to get noticed by brands is to first start by giving them love and attention organically. Brands appreciate it when they see you have a real and honest relationship with their product. 

2. 12:12 Focus on the content. Plan your content ahead of time, coordinate your calendar and outfits, and post without purpose.

3. 13:30 Does the brand or product align with your core values? Ask yourself this question before you run off and work with any brand. Start by looking at the brands you already own and understand why you like them. Then reach out to them - If they’re big brands, start by reaching out to emerging/local brands and build your way to the top. Also, try to test those products before making a review or recommending a brand since talking about a product based on experience not only generates trust but also 


4.19:52 Connect with friends and help each other grow. Having a community is key to success!

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