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Quarantine Gives Designers the Opportunity to Rethink Business

Ft. Amapolia

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Barbie IRL

In this episode, you’ll learn to widen your perspective and look at a negative situation in a positive light. You’ll learn to reinvent yourself. During our conversation with Ana Maria, owner of the local sustainable fashion brand Ana Maria Mariana,  we discuss different ways to become a versatile business and rise to the occasion when the tide gets tough. 

Main Takeaways:


1. You learn more about your business during a crisis than perhaps on a regular day. These circumstances push us to change our business mindset and prepare ourselves for new and better opportunities. 


2. Thinking big requires you to be resourceful and versatile. Today, fashion just for the sake of it isn’t enough, as a brand, it’s important you make a positive impact in society and the planet. That’s why it’s so important to incorporate zero-waste and eco-friendly practices into your business model. 


3. A brief discussion about the consumer 10 years ago and the consumer today, giving you the opportunity to think about the consumer of the future. Who are they, how will their buying decisions look like and how are designing/creating for them?


4. Work with what you have and pivot quickly.

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