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Curating Vintage Clothing

Ft. Maru Aldea


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Maru Aldea, owner of the vintage online store @holaaida, tells us about how she buys and curates her assortment for her boutique. She talks about her recommendations to practice sustainability when it comes to fashion. Also, we talked about the importance of mending and durability of second-hand clothes, instead of quickly falling into the temptation of buying new pieces from large chains.


5:02 How Maru Aldea seeks essence and a story for each piece with a creative eye. She is dedicated to mending and giving new purposes to each piece. She tells us how she goes through her process of hand-selecting pieces.

10:13 Today, many stores focus on particular styles to make it easier for people to find, shop, and wear second hand. Circular fashion is a concept that we must add to our lifestyle to close the vicious cycle of buying and disposing of. One of @holaaida's values is to give a piece a new life.

13:46 Second-hand stores help highlight your unique style since pieces are rare and oftentimes patched, curated, or transformed. If we buy into trends and then discard, we will never be able to stick to one style and thus never really finding out who we really are.

15:16 How to wash and care for each piece. Mending pieces does not make us look  ’poor’ ’it makes us look conscious.

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