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Fashion Through the Lense of Amapolia

Ft. Amapolia

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Barbie IRL

In our first episode of Barbie IRL’s Season 2, we interviewed Amapolia, a “boutique agency” that offers Content Creation, Public Relations, and Event Coordination services to independent designers and emerging brands. Amapolia was founded by Esther, Patty, and Sabrina, in order to grow the industry and to help designers make themselves known on a large scale. The girls open up about their beginnings as a team, their creative processes, and their projects such as Ruedo, a podcast about local fashion and beauty.


1. 13:54 The girls talk about the importance of discovering your brand’s style and voice in order to be remembered and accepted by your audience. 

2. 16:02 Networking. The connections you make through work and collaborations are key to success. Building up your roster is something you should keep in mind when working in this industry. Not everyone around you is your competition. Even your competition can become your best ally. 

3. 22:22 Raise the standards. For working with the brand, don't sell yourself for less. Know your value and do not underestimate yourself.  Keep in mind what you have to offer and who you are as a person.

4. 26:36 How to evaluate a brand approach to you. Study its values and ask yourself if you would use it. Would you use it? Would your audience find it practical? Check your values and compare them with your brand DNA.

5. 41:02 Know the trends and how you can be part of a redefined and sustainable way.

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Vanity Goals




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Winter Wishlist


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