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How To Spot Quality In Clothes 
Barbie Brignoni

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In this week’s episode, I get to help you identify quality while shopping. It does have a lot of components and layers to it so I go step by step explaining the importance of these elements such as weight, fibers and construction. In this episode I will talk about:


The Importance of Weight

I get to explain how pieces that are more on the lighter side usually tend to wear off faster with the purpose of making disposable clothing. Also, get to share how lightweight does not necessarily mean bad, but most likely it will need a more delicate care routine. The more weight a piece has, the higher the chance of durability.


Textiles as Quality

I share how I normally gravitate towards pieces that contain three fibers or less with a higher percentage of organic material. Pieces made with high-quality fibers tend to look better after being worn several times while pieces made of low-quality fibers tend to look their best the first time they are worn. Fibers have a big impact on how sustainable our closets can really be, and that is why I shared my knowledge of fibers to help guide and teach you.


The Impact of Construction

I shared my observations of the seams in items marked as low and high quality. Straight seams usually mean good quality while loop-like seams usually mean low quality since it was done extremely fast. Also, I get to share how these seams should adapt to your body instead of ripping when moving. It is important to have wear tests while trying clothes on so that we know if the pieces will adapt or retrain our bodies.

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