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How To Consciously Clean Out Your Closet 
Barbie Brignoni

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This week's episode is a special one since I get to guide you through a closet clean-out in order to achieve your ideal wardrobe. The goal is to end up with clothes that are easy to style and have endless use, as well as finding a new life for items that are not needed or wanted. In this episode I will talk about:


Closet Usage

It is important to recognize that most of us currently do not use our closet to its full potential and that it is up to us to change that. I get to talk about how as conscious consumers, we need our closets to reflect our values and principles instead of it being a pile of clothes that gets bigger and bigger over time when the same three items are the ones being used. I will also guide the process of how this closet clean-out should go.



We want our closet items to last, therefore we have to invest in durable items. I recommend that you say goodbye to trends and focus on items that will make you happy all day and every season. The last thing we want to do is to throw stuff out, so I advised ways to determine which items should stay in the closet and which should go. I also share that we should not want items that will rip after two uses in our closet since it defeats the purpose of being a conscious consumer. 


Clean-out & Distribution

I advise step by step how it should all be done. It would be best to not have any items go to waste, so I share my tips on how I get rid of clothes without sending them straight to the trash. I also share my love for renting my closet since it does take all the weight from my shoulders such as reselling or recycling my clothes. The ultimate goal is to find what’s in common about the items that are left in the closet so that you can start developing that aesthetic in a sustainable and conscious way.

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