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How I Became a Conscious Consumer
Barbie Brignoni

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Barbie IRL

In this week’s solo episode I get to talk about every single detail about being a conscious consumer.  As the years went by, I started focusing on my interests and neglecting more and more the toxic world that is fast fashion. Therefore, I had to share my tips on how I made it so you guys can too. In this episode I will talk about:


Find Your Style

I get to share how finding my own style sets me apart in many different ways. Many brands did not even represent my style and values, which ended up being a learning experience. 


Closet Balance

I talk about how working with many different brands made my closet feel like it wasn’t a clear representation of me. Most of these brands did not align with my aesthetic and views and because of that, I ended u wearing the same three things over and over. I was constantly donating and selling my clothes, which would have never happened if I had chosen the brands I worked with correctly. 


Smart Shopping

I noticed that I was becoming more and more passionate about slow fashion, and after learning that every 2 minutes a garbage truck full of textiles is being incinerated every day I changed my view of shopping. Right now I go for the 30 rule. I only shop for clothes that offer quality, durability, and can be worn more than 30 times.

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Vanity Goals




New York Apartment

Bedroom Update

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Winter Wishlist


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