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Trusting Your Craft - Tips from an Internationally-known Fashion Designer
Ft. Jean Cintrón

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This week’s episode features a very well-known Puerto Rican designer called Jean Cintrón.  His amazing eye for fashion is what makes him who he is today. Sharing our stories and life lessons about hard situations really helped us understand that we were truly born for this. Therefore, in this episode we will talk about:


Trust your Craft

Jean shares his story about how eventually he decided that his true calling is to be a designer. Obviously, it was not perfect at first, but even after having a rough start, his achievements surpassed his failures, reassuring him that he was truly in the right place. It is important to not give up and look for ways and resources for you to learn more about your craft.



Jean gets to share really stressful moments with me about how this pandemic impacted his career. He implies that even though accomplishing things under pressure is not bad, we should never put ourselves in these situations where we are the only ones forcing ourselves. It is okay to test and push our limits but Jean agrees that it is important to have a balance in life. 


Creative Decisions

We get to talk about how to take advantage of every opportunity life throws at you instead of complaining. This pandemic changed everything about our lives, but Jean expresses his method for adapting to maintain relevancy in the fashion world. His devotion to his craft is what makes it easy for him to think of solutions that will succeed everyone's expectations.


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Vanity Goals




New York Apartment

Bedroom Update

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Winter Wishlist


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