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How to create a cool & sustainable brand 
Ft. Mónica Santos, Designer


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In this week’s episode, we had the chance to talk to Monica Santos. Her passion for sustainable fashion helped create the brand that she has today, Santos by Monica, which strives to create the perfect slick bag that we all love without it being a negative impact on the environment. As a women inspired by this new generation that strives for change, she realized that her craft has a powerful impact on how fashion is being handled as of today. In this episode we will discuss:


Mass Production:

We all know the impact this has on the environment but our conversation goes way deeper than that. We focus on how brands exploit every part of their business, including their employees just to focus on fast fashion. Also, we get to talk about how it is important to call out these tendencies and customs to promote a powerful change.


Brand Layers:

Monica shares an interesting point of view when it comes to her priorities as a brand owner and how every detail has to complement each other. She focuses on how her layers focus on sustainability and everything that comes with it, making sure that the product is not the only star of the show when it really should be a whole experience.



Monica and I get to talk about how it is important to align your values with the product to communicate and educate the customer. Each brand should be responsible for the change we want to see instead of waiting for customers to educate themselves and make the switch to live a more sustainable life.

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