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Creative Direction, Online Strategy & Visual Identity for Fashion Brands 
Ft. Manuela Proano

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Manuela Proano is the founder of MPPA, a creative direction and consulting agency for independent/emerging fashion brands in Ecuador. During our conversation we talked about finding her calling, about her experience helping other brands grow, and about her new initiative The Secret Fashion Movement - a digital panel discussion with experts in entrepreneurship, social media, and fashion. 

- 9:15 - Being an entrepreneur

MPPA was born as a consulting brand for personal style and then evolves over time to what it is today, a consulting agency for emerging fashion brands. This shows us that it's okay if your initial idea doesn't work for you after trying it. Change it as many times as necessary until you find the best version of your offer and be able to provide the best value to your customers.

- 13:30 - The Strategy

Manuela, with her services, helps new brands create an individual and curated strategy for each fashion or lifestyle brand. She helps them find their mission, develop their focus, and make an impact in their community.

- 16:20 - Finding your rhythm

It's super important to keep your pace and find the step that is most sustainable for you - and you define what that means to you. Manuela helps you develop your level of leadership so that you can leave fear and move forward in your calling.


For more information, you can find Manuela on Instagram as

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