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Stylist's Secret for Finding Your Personal Style 
Ft. Tiffany Azmouz

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12:09 - Wardrobe Pie chart
Tiffany talks about her strategy for doing a lifestyle analysis. She uses all the information points of her client and creates an imaginary pie chart to have an analysis of her client's lifestyle. With this, she manages to translate the data into the style of clothing that her client should have and the amount of clothing per activity.

20:55 - Proportion and harmony
For Tiffany, the ideal way to create an outfit is by identifying the visual weight of the person and creating harmony and balance. There are people who have more visual weight in the upper part of the body (or the lower part of the body) and the best way to create balance is by adding more visual weight (color, print, texture) in the lower part of their body.

26:20 - Color theory
Tiffany explains that there are colors that suit us better than others but luckily she has a hack for wearing those colors that "don't work for us". Sometimes the color is not the problem, but the tone. For example, a warm-toned person like me would do better with a warm yellow like mustard versus a cool yellow like a pastel yellow. However, Tiffany explains that if I ever decide to wear cool yellow, then I should wear it away from my face (ideally a skirt or pants) instead of a shirt. Tiffany says "wear the color on but be smart about how you wear it."

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