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Manzana Studio's New Mission to Become an Eco-Friendly Salon

Ft. Daniela Etchevers

Barbie IRL Ep. 23

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Barbie IRL

The well-known Manzana The Pampering Studio is in the midst of a brand repositioning. What started with a promise of a chill and inclusive atmosphere with affordable services and prices, remains a reality. "The approach has evolved towards one of awareness, responsibility, and respect between us and our clients as well as with the planet." reiterates its owner, Daniela Etchevers. Somehow, the COVID 19 pandemic has accelerated what has been determined to be an intentional and well-weighted turn toward the offensive on vegan and cruelty-free products, which has proven to be a success. However, the closing time during the quarantine and the subsequent sanitation process and putting a point in the room to comply with the new protocols have only put in context the need for Manzana to become a room identified as Eco- Friendly.

Our intention is to identify creative options to put this waste to use and that may prevail in some way as an artistic expression. We are currently in talks with a variety of companies, like Basura Cero to make this project a reality.

“It is vitally important to transmit our message with complete transparency. The path of sustainability is long, it requires a lot of study, creativity, and patience. There is a long way to go before we can declare that we are completely sustainable, but we are proud that it is known that we are on track and committed ”, concludes Daniela Etchevers.


Check out our full episode to uncover Daniela's vision and next steps towards a fully-sustainable beauty salon!


You can also visit her website  for more information.

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