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Influencers IRL: Let's Talk About Money and Impact

Ft. Lissette Calveiro

Barbie IRL Ep. 21

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Barbie IRL

In the next episode, we talk to Lissette Calveiro, an established influencer, and content creator for more than 4 years, her digital channels focus on money, business, and influencer marking advice, with a pinch of her lifestyle recommendations and global finds. She has a strong pulse on the millennial and Gen-Z community. Lisette and I discuss the following:

1. Influencer Relations: From an Influencer Marketing perspective, "gifting" is always the first option brands opt for when looking to get visibility, but it's not always the best option. There must be an intention and a strategy for working with influencers when you're looking to market your brand.

2. Content Creation Pillars: From a Content Creator perspective, there must be an intention and a strategy behind your posts. The way to discover your intention is by establishing your Creation Pillars (topics you use are your foundation for content creation). In her case, these are Life, Money, Empowerment, and Influencer 101.

3. Vulnerability: For Lissette, authenticity is key for growth. By this she means that one must be confident in their truth, there must be vulnerability and there must be transparency in order to connect and build an audience. 

4. TikTok: Lisette also talks about the importance about repurposing this content on other platforms like TikTok. TikTok's low-fi nature, allows her to create simple yet educational videos in batches and then post them throughout the week. Her tip is to pick one topic for the week and repurpose your blog and Instagram captions as potential topics for your videos.

5.  Money: We also talked about MONEY, yup! We think when it comes to Content Creators, money is a gray area, unfortunately. Currently, there are no established industry rates. However, Lissette has taken the bull by the horns and is in the process of creating her new courses specifically to help aspiring influencers to build a business. You can find more information about her upcoming initiatives on @InfluencerMoneyTalks and @InfluenceToImpact, platforms designed to inform, educate, and inspire influencers.


Go follow Lissette Calveiro on Instagram @lissettecalv

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