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The Future of Fashion is Vintage

Ft. Vanely Martinez, Founder of Genzier

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In the next episode, we talk to Vanely Martinez, the founder and CEO of Genzier, a new digital platform that works as a marketplace for vintage clothing brands.

1. The new digital space gives vintage brands the opportunity to showcase their merchandise to new audiences and sell their products without having to worry about maintaining a physical store.

2.   In addition, Genzier works as a bridge between the consumer and circular fashion since it offers a variety of vintage brands from different parts of the world in one same space, which facilitates consumers' buying process and expands their interest in second-hand fashion.

3.  Genzier's concept is not only innovative, it's indispensable necessary in this industry as it solves the problem that so many environmentalists, activists, and clothing brands face every day - aka the overproduction of clothing on this planet.

4.  Currently, 160 million pieces of clothing are produced per year, but 85% of this ends up in a landfill. The saddest thing about these statistics is that 95% of this clothing could've bene re-used or re-purposed (upcycle).

5.  Unfortunately, the clothes that end up in landfills take hundreds, in cases, thousands of years to disintegrate. Many of these pieces end up being incinerated which causes a considerable amount of air pollutants to gradually destroying our ozone layer.

6. Fortunately, buying vintage clothing helps to solve part of this bigger issue because buying just one existing piece of clothing within the supply chain helps your carbon footprint to drop by 82%.


To learn more about Genzier visit their Instagram @genzier_

Genzier will be launching soon... Stay tuned!


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