Manzana Studio's New Mission to Become an Eco-Friendly SalonBy Barbie IRL
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Barbie Brignoni is the host of the amazing American Fashion Podcast

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Barbie IRL?

Have you ever asked yourself: How can I start working with brands? How do I become a paid influencer? How do I grow as a local designer? How do I create a name for myself in the Fashion Industry? The biggest question of all, do I really have what it takes?


I once did. But now I use those questions and transform them into a powerful vehicle - my Fashion Podcast - to speak truth to all girls who dream of making it big in the Fashion Industry!


Hi, I’m Barbie and I’m your host! My podcast, Barbie IRL is all about leading intimate and honest conversations with bloggers, designers, and creative entrepreneurs about what happens IN REAL LIFE (the good and all the bad). In every episode we talk about fashion industry facts, we share inspirational stories, discuss sustainable practices, and prepare YOU for a life of fashion-success!


(All episodes are held in Spanish… well, Spanglish really).


For more information, check out my personal Instagram @barbiebrignoni and my Podcast’s Instagram account @barbieirlpodcast.

This adventure-loving duo tells a story about friendship, traveling, challenges, and entrepreneurship with their unique brand.

Bohío, a brand that values the artisanal hands in Venezuela

Latina Founders

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