The Concept of Fashion Sharing in Puerto Rico

Ft. Suhaily Sepúlveda

The Concept of Fashion Sharing in Puerto RicoBy Barbie IRL
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In this episode, Suhaily Sepúlveda, founder of Look Guilty, explains how she created a completely redesigned system so that consumers who have a nack for fashion can wear new and trend-forward clothing without having to invest in new pieces. Look Guilty, a Puerto Rican Rental Fashion Company offers women with busy lifestyles a chance to diversify their wardrobe without the complexity, hassles, and investments involved. Look Guilty’s mission is to recreate the euphoric feeling from wearing something new, as many times as they can for their customers.



1. 3:49 Take advantage of the spark! Don't be afraid to bring and try new concepts on the island. Establish a new market. Do it!

2. 9:14 Collect the information and meet your buyer. Analyze and study your followers. That makes you link to them for a long time. Suhaily applied this technique to be able to offer a little diversity and variety, letting herself be carried away by the tastes of her clients. She offers you a lifestyle without making it budget-friendly. Also, it offers you a feeling of euphoria without getting bored or without having to marry a product.

3. 12:56 Educate your Think Reusable Fashion. Eliminate Fast Fashion and befriend your client's pocket and the planet, obviously!

4. 19:17 NOT ONLY SELL, but also EDUCATE. Encourage individual style. 

5. 21:16 Offer convenience. Think about your client’s needs.




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